Our Services

Trademark Registration

Registering a trademark requires extensive knowledge of trademark law and procedures.  Our extensive experience in the trademark industry allows us to prepare and tailor your trademark application for your specific needs.  We prepare and file trademark applications and are your representative with the USPTO for the entire process. Unlike many others, who process trademark applications like factories, we will provide you with individual attention to meet your specific trademark needs.  In short, we won’t simply fill out a form for you and let you try to go it alone.

After the application is filed, we provide you with copies of important documents and promptly inform you of any changes in the status of your trademark application.  Once registered, we maintain your registration by notifying you of renewal dates and any other official activity with your registered mark.

In some instances, it may be beneficial to register your trademark with particular states or foreign countries as well.  We can assist you in filing applications on both state and international levels.

Comprehensive Trademark Search

It is always a good idea to conduct a search for at least federal applications and registrations prior to adopting and using a trademark. For one thing, if you file an application for a mark and there is a prior pending application or registration, the PTO may refuse to register your application and you would end up losing all of the fees you have invested in the application.

Aside from that, each state has its own trademark registration system independent of the federal system. Further, there are millions of businesses that never register their marks at all. While the USPTO will not search or cite state or unregistered marks against your application, the existence of these marks could pose a problem with your right to use your mark in geographic areas where these prior users have established a market.

We can order, review and analyze full availability searches usually in about a week. These are the best kind of searches to run because they reveal not only federal trademark applications and registrations, but also registrations with every state trademark office as well as unregistered common law marks to a reasonably certain extent. These searches will also include Internet domain name registrations. A full availability search can be ordered on an expedited basis, however, the costs we pay to the search company who compiles the data, as well as our fees for analyzing the data, are more expensive.

We can also perform preliminary searches and analyze federal and/or state registrations on a more expedited basis and for a lower cost. Such searches could be used to determine whether it is worth pursuing a full availability search. If you decide to take a chance and file an application based on a preliminary search, be aware that it will not find unregistered common law marks and such marks could interfere with your right to use your mark.

Licenses and Assignments

In addition to our extensive trademark experience, we have a vast amount of commercial and franchise experience, which allows us to provide you with high-quality, and easy-to-understand agreements related to your intellectual property.   We can draft and review trademark licenses, assignments, and consent agreements.   For more information about these services, visit our sister site, www.mrkpc.com.

Copyright Assistance

Copyright Law can also be a source of confusion for many people. We can help you make sense of determining whether your work, whether it be in the form of music, text, graphic arts or software, is subject to copyright protection. We can prepare and file Copyright applications on your behalf. We can also provide you an analysis of whether someone is infringing your work and provide you options in how to deal with it. If someone is accusing you of copyright infringement we can provide assistance in determining whether or not you are committing an infringement.

Trademark and Copyright Infringement or Dilution Problems

Our litigation team can handle complex cases and is experienced in enforcing a variety of intellectual property-related matters, including:  trademark and copyright infringement issues; contract and licensing disputes; franchise litigation; non-compete and non-disclosure disputes; trade secret enforcement; and commercial litigation.

Business Formation Services

When you are in the process of choosing a business entity or planning for its growth, sale, or succession, there are many factors to consider before taking each step. We can help you choose and structure the appropriate business entity to meet your business and personal needs.  We can also help you prepare for and facilitate the sale of your business, the acquisition of other businesses and/or the transfer of stock or other ownership interests in your business to your employees and/or family members.

For additional information about structuring a new business, acquiring an existing business or selling a business, please visit our sister site, mrkpc.com or call 972-931-0022.